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getting started

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How we get started

Prior to enrollment, your child’s strengths and needs are discussed, measured and analyzed in terms of fluency and accuracy through an assessment. Next, we personalize a program for your child based on these findings. Each program is taught by a certified teacher in a one-on-one setting where we will have a sequence of skills to be taught, a method of practicing and a measurement of progress. This guarantees your child’s success.

The path to success

- call to discuss your child’s needs

- schedule an appointment for an educational assessment with your child

- after the assessment we will meet with you to discuss our findings and what we can do to help

- register for personalized learning sessions

What is included in a Sage Learning Center Assessment?

- an examination of basic foundational elements

- an assessment of each learning channel (auditory, visual, motor and language) to determine how your child processes information

- grade-level standardized testing to analyze where your child is for reading (decoding), spelling and foundational math skills

- a summary of what was found during the assessment as well as an in-depth consultation with a certified teacher

- we establish a list of priorities for your child based on his or her needs

- we make a recommendation for the number of hours we feel beneficial in order for your child to succeed


Once your child is enrolled, Sage Learning Center will provide additional assessments every 60 hours to ensure progress is being made.