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Our primary teaching technique at the Sage Learning Center is called Precision Teaching. This method of one-on-one teaching has enabled thousands of children to gain self-confidence, build a strong foundation in academic skills and achieve learning success. Because Precision Teaching provides exact measurements and constant feed back of a child’s progress, the method has gained wide acceptance throughout the United States and Canada.

Sage Learning Center is beneficial to children who:

- have difficulty with reading, spelling or math

- seem bright but unresponsive to standard education techniques

- have difficulty remembering or following directions

- are not performing to his or her learning potential

- have little interest or pride in school work

- need study or thinking skills

- aspire to excellence in basic reading, writing and math

Resolving parental concerns

- be assured your child is reaching his or her full potential

- participate in decisions regarding your child’s education

- help with early readiness for your preschool child

- prevent future difficulties through intervention now

What to expect

- documented evidence of your child’s progress in predetermined areas

- feedback on your child’s strengths and needs

- learning success for your child

For Students

As a new student of the Sage Learning Center, we want you to feel comfortable about your first day.

Here are some things to expect

- Everything you need; pencils, paper and stamps, will be at the desk where you are working.

- You will have a Learning Bank to keep track of the foundational skills you pass. When you fill this bank, you will receive twenty dollars.

- On every activity, students try to get their "best" score. For each "best" score you get, you will give yourself a stamp. When your stamps add up, you get to pick a prize!

We will expect you to

- Ask questions. If you want to know why you are doing an activity or you are unsure of directions, just ask. The more you ask, the more we can help.

- Be respectful to others. Other students will be working so you will want to try to remember to work quietly and they will do the same for you.

- Make the most of every hour. The more you are prepared for learning, the more you will learn.

- Do your best!

- And most of all, have fun!


Thank you for choosing Sage Learning Center. The following covers topics that will help you and your child have a successful and enjoyable experience at the Sage Learning Center.


It is our belief that in order for a child to reach his or her potential, there must be a firm commitment to our learning program. The importance of repetition and practice are essential.
-We feel strongly about attendance and require that missed sessions are rescheduled on the dates we have set aside (see Missed Appointments in the Enrollment Policy).
-Practice at home can make all the difference in student progress. A short amount of time spent each evening ensures that your child is receiving the repetition necessary to reach his or her goals. Feel free to contact us so we can develop exercises to work on at home.


Your support and encouragement can help your child take on a positive outlook toward learning. We have designed different types of rewards for achievements, such as "bests" and the Learning Bank. Please share in your child's success by asking your child about his or her accomplishments and please feel free to visit the center in order to observe or to review your charts and records.


We realize that the best way for us to reach out to the community is through the parents and children who have previously or are presently attending Sage Learning Center. If you would like to pass on our information to a friend, we will be happy to credit your account $50 for each assessment received through your referral.


You and your child's needs and goals are important to us. We would like to work together to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

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